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Shannon Drayer is a part of the Seattle Mariners radio broadcast team and writes for Patchin, Lukens, and Osso talked to her about the upcoming trip to Japan, Opening Day, and how things are going for the M’s at Spring Training.

Shannon Drayer

How does Smoaky get his bats?

Another new M’s commercial.  This one is pretty good.

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Here’s one of this year’s Mariners commercials.

One of my favorite Mariners commercials. It was funny, and this is why I’m in favor of cloning. A team full of Jr’s? How awesome is that? – Wingman

Not the best quality, but you get the idea.

He wasn’t total crap in Seattle. He won two gold gloves for the $60 million the Mariners gave him.

Remember when we had Cliff Lee for 5 minutes? He made a commercial with Felix in 2010. The Mariners other big signing that off season makes an appearance, too.

This Mariners commercial from 2006 is one that I missed. I found it and was impressed with the idea. Also, it has about 17 former M’s, half I say “good riddance” and half I say “wish we still had him.” – Wingman

This Mariners commercial from 2010 may not be as well known, but it’s got two M’s icons and the voice of the late, great Dave Niehaus.