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After a tough day of movie watching, the Spokane Chiefs captain took some time to talk with Patchin, Lukens, and Osso.

This poor guy disagreed with Darren's assessment of 21 Jumpstreet

The Chiefs captain rejoined Patchin, Lukens, and Osso after what felt like forever. Darren talks to the guys about the last road trip and the final weeks of the regular season leading up to the playoffs.


The Spokane Chiefs captain joins Patchin, Lukens and Osso the day before Valentine’s day. Will you be Darren Kramer’s Valentine?

Rick Lukens, Keith Osso and Vince Grippi talk with the Spokane Chiefs captain. Darren talks about a number of things including playoff beards.

No wonder he can't grow a beard

Patchin, Lukens, and Osso talked with Spokane Chiefs Captain Darren Kramer after three wins this weekend, Darren Kramer Bobblehead night on Saturday, and Hawaiian shirt night with Dennis on Sunday.

Don't mess with @DarrenKramer22

Spokane Chiefs captain Darren Kramer talks with the guys about the matinee game on Monday. Saturday, January 21st is Darren Kramer Bobble Glove giveaway. Yes, Bobble Glove. A Bobble Head with Bobble Gloves.

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The Spokane Chiefs captain talks with Patchin, Lukens, and Osso after the Chiefs got 3 wins over the weekend.

Don't mess with Kramer

Patchin, Osso, and the Wingman might be dumb, but not dumb enough to get into a fight with Spokane Chiefs Captain Darren Kramer.

Darren Kramer

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Kramer’s Korner 11 21 11

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Kramer's Korner

Darren Kramer

Steve the Wingman and Ben Kaplan talk to Chiefs Captain Darren Kramer

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