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Miami Dolphins mascot T.D. and three of the team’s cheerleaders star in a “Blurred Lines” parody released this weekend, ahead of the team’s Week 1 win against the Cleveland Browns. I’d continue with an introduction, but we both know you clicked “play” immediately after reading the words “Miami Dolphins mascot.”

32 Beers, 32 Teams

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This article is all about beer: good beer, bad beer, real beer, near beer, local brews, national brews, porters, lagers, ales, weird chemical slurries concocted in Anheuser-Busch laboratories, stuff your grandpa drank, stuff your hipster brother-in-law drinks (false distinction: same stuff), beer you would walk a mile for, and beer that makes your garbage disposal gurgle and stink when you pour it down the drain.

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Twelve-year-old Kevin Lee has a heart condition that limits contact sports, but he still gets to run plays with his favorite QB, Russell Wilson.

Will Davis was the ASB President while at Central Valley High School. He was a tremendous basketball player and track athlete. He also earned 2nd team All-GSL honors in his only season on the football field. Will just finished his college career at Utah State and is preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft. He talked to Patchin, Lukens, and Osso on 700 ESPN.

Utah State cornerback Will Davis (17) returns an interception for a TD vs Idaho

Utah State cornerback Will Davis (17) returns an interception for a TD vs Idaho

Matt Johnson Interview 9-4

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Former EWU Eagle and current Dallas Cowboy Matt Johnson joined us today to talk about starting his NFL career. Osso should have worded one question differently…maybe the worst-worded question he’s ever asked.

“We all have a timeline. Most of us don’t live like we have a timeline.” – Steve Gleason

In case you missed it, here is the Steve Gleason story that appeared during Super Bowl pre-game show.

The social media response to the Steve Gleason Story was immediate and overwhelming. See follow up post from Peter King below:

“Thanks for your kind words on Twitter Sunday after the story on ALS-stricken former Saint Steve Gleason ran on the NBC pregame show. Thanks also to producer Phil Parrish of NBC and production assistant Paige Westin for their diligence on the story. Many of you have asked how you can either help Gleason’s cause or learn more about how he’s trying to help ALS patients. You can do so by going to

Two poignant parts of the story, one about the 34-year-old Gleason, who now is faced with the prospect of death because this is a fatal disease with no known cure, saying we should all live like we have a timeline. Two: His wife Michel saying with tears streaming down her face how much she’ll miss his voice.

To that end, Gleason last summer began recording words and phrases, thousands of them, into a Steve Gleason voice bank so he’ll be able to direct his voice through a computer once his muscles fail him and he’s not able to speak anymore. I listened to his “synthetic voice” over the weekend. “We have created a synthetic voice that sounds like my own voice,” he says in the choppy but clearly recognizable voice patterns. “I hope you like it because you will be hearing from me for decades to come.”

Gleason had two ALS patients, one from Louisiana and one from Indiana, at the Super Bowl Sunday, the start of what he hopes to do with his foundation. “I want to be able to help ALS patients lead better lives,” he said. “So many of them, when they get diagnosed, stop living the sort of full life that they still should be able to live. They don’t have the resources to do it. I hope to be able to help some of them do the things they love to do. I refuse to give in to the disease. If I can help others do the same, I would be very happy.”

On the sidelines Sunday, before the game, Gleason greeted an admirer of his, Giants special-teams coach Larry Izzo (“Steve’s one of the best guys ever to play special teams,” Izzo said), who said to him, “It’s so great what you’re doing with your foundation.” That was Gleason’s victory on Sunday.”

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Watch what it’s like to soar over downtown Indianapolis and Super Bowl Village on a Zip line.

Osso and Kaplan Face Off

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KXLY Sports Director Ben Kaplan and 700ESPN’s Keith Osso square off about the NFL playoffs, Gonzaga basketball, the Pineda trade, and Ken Bone falls down.