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Another full day on Patchin, Lukens and Osso. We talked to Jim Hayford from EWU, Don Verlin from Idaho, Mike Redmond from the Miami Marlins and had quite an adventure with Buy or Sell and a 50 Shades of Grey question.

Patchin, Lukens and Osso talked to Jay Sorgi from the Green Bay Packers Radio Network and about the upcoming NFC Championship.

nfc champ

Seahawk Donny had to share his thoughts on the matter during Buy or Sell.

Seahawk Donny

Seahawk Donny

Patchin, Lukens and Osso had a lot of fun with this epic Buy or Sell the day before Thanksgiving. Seahawk Donny makes a classic appearance at the end with his special guest.

We believe Oscar is the youngest person to compete in Buy or Sell. He did a great job. Anna also proved to be a worthy competitor.

A pretty funny little portion of Buy or Sell. Keith was a little confused. He thought Patrice might have been Peggy. Rick thought her name was something different as well.


Can Mark Few guard the 3? He says, “A little bit.” Should Archie Manning shut his pie hole? Find out the answers to these and other rousing questions in Buy or Sell.

Coach Few

Buy or Sell 11 30 11

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Buy or Sell

Keith Osso and Steve the Wingman play buy or sell. Would you buy Christmas Vacation as the best Christmas movie, or would you go with It’s A Wonderful Life?

Buy or Sell 11 23 11

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Buy or Sell

Steve the Wingman and Ben Kaplan play Buy or Sell on Patchin, Osso, and the Wingman.  Find out if Ben Kaplan should ask out one of these Spokane Hooters Girls.